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© 2010-2115 Mark Andrew Bjorndal: © 2010-2115 MSKT™ Photography Mark Bjorndal: © 2010-2115 MSKT™ Photography. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Copyright to these photos belong solely to Mark Andrew Bjorndal Son of Trygve Johan Bjorndal and Sonja Solveig Sollie. Images may not be copied, downloaded or used in any way without the express, written permission of the photographer.  All Rights Reserved Worldwide.  MSKT is the trademark of Mark Andrew Bjorndal Photography, MSKT ™ Photography Mark Bjorndal and MSKT ™ Photography. Slogan "Where Visual Becomes Reality and Reality Becomes Visual ™” belongs solely to Mark Andrew Bjorndal and is the sole  trademark slogan of Mark Andrew Bjorndal Photography, MSKT ™ Photography Mark Bjorndal and MSKT ™ Photography .

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