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Vision, Mission, and Purpose Statements


The Vision of MSKT ™ Photography


The vision of MSKT ™ Photography is to support missions locally and abroad who minister and care for the less fortunate.


The Mission of MSKT ™ Photography


The mission of MSKT ™ Photography is to support Missionaries who spread the gospel of Jesus Christ both locally and abroad as well as to bring a smile with sweet memories to those who view our work.

Purpose of MSKT ™ Photography


The photographer’s purpose here is to bring about life in such a manner that you (the viewer) will see life as the photographer does. Not just through the lens, but through the photographer’s eyes as well.


Visual Becomes Reality™ when the viewer looks at a photograph and is so drawn into the scene that it actually becomes reality in the mind of the viewer. A place, where your mind takes you away, be it from the present or perhaps into the future or even back into the past.


Reality Becomes Visual™ when the viewer looks at reality (something real) and captures a visual photograph in the mind which then becomes a permanent reminder of what was looked upon thus causing the viewer to think differently in a way only that something real can make you think and perhaps, react. Thus a mental photograph.


We here at MSKT ™ Photography hope that you will not only look upon the pictures as a nicety but that you will look at them in such a way as to make you think deeply about what you see, evoking emotions from deep within.


Mark and Karen (Ng Yuk Mei) Bjorndal
Founder / President
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